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The Board of Directors for The Recovery Support Foundation of Rutherford County consists of individuals that are willing to volunteer their time as a service to the greater good of the community. The Board members possess key skills needed by the Recovery Support Foundation such as financial planning, legal, marketing, advocacy, and fundraising expertise. Board members meet once a month to evaluate and enhance the mission, vision and work of The Recovery Support Foundation of Rutherford County.


We are pleased to have the following Board members:


President: Det. Greg Flanagan
Detective, Murfreesboro Police Dept.
“As a law enforcement officer in Rutherford County it’s a privilege to be able to continue to serve Rutherford County as a member of the Board of Directors. Addressing issues concerning DUI’s and Drugs through rehabilitation is important to reduce recidivism and re-incarceration.”



Vice President: Trey King, CFE
Tennessee Attorney General’s Office
“It is a privilege and an honor to serve on a board of an organization with such high regard to an individual’s own well-being that is in the midst of battling / recovering from his or her addictions.”

Recording Secretary: Shelli Jessie
Community Care Coordinator, Dr. David Sain
“I love serving the youth of our community through orthodontics & dental awareness, abstinence education & spiritual mentoring. After being a guest at one of the Drug Court Graduation Ceremonies, I realized I had to be a part of a team that assists in the healing of families affected by addiction. The Recovery Support Foundation Board is that team!”


Treasurer: Ruth Hafner
World Outreach Church Accounting
”I believe in second chances; our past does not have to define who we are. The Drug Court/DUI Programs offer the participants that second chance to change their lives and begin the road to recovery if they choose to embrace the opportunity. The Drug Court/DUI Program Staff and the Board of Directors are committed to breaking the chains of addiction in the lives of those in our community. I am honored to serve on the Board and be part of something great that gives people the chance to live a healthy and productive life.”



Cindy Gossett
Owner, Honey Baked Ham
“I have seen this program change the lives of the participants, their families and their neighborhoods. I believe we can make a positive difference by supporting the recovery efforts with all of our available talents and resources.”





Mrs. Nancy Dodd
Community Activist
“My husband, Dr. David T. Dodd and I have been involved with programs for the disease of addiction for many years. The Drug Court Program that Judge Ash and Mary Schneider operate is helping to save many young people. To help save any young person is important to me.”


Alisha Brown
Payroll Administrator, RockTenn Corrugated
Drug Court Graduate
“I care about this board because not only does it change so many lives of people that need help but, also gives them a good fighting chance to change their lives and go in the direction I’m sure they always wanted to go but, were unable to do by themselves.”



David R. Sain, DDS
Owner, Dr. David Sain
“Because of my work with other health care professionals on the Tennessee Dental Associations Wellness Committee, I became interested in chemical dependence and its destructive power over individuals and families. I have worked with the Recovery Support Foundation for a number of years serving two terms as president and I have been rewarded by seeing the many blessings clients of the drug court receive when they embrace the program and become productive citizens of our community.”


Kristy Stoker
Owner, Stoker Advertising
“I have a passion for advertising, helping others, and the program of recovery. I attended one of the Drug Court Graduations and witnessed the incredible impact this program had on the participants and families. The Recovery Support Foundation is dedicated to the ‘solution’ and I feel it is my duty to help spread awareness… is truly an honor.”


Linda WilsonLinda Hunt Wilson
I am a Murfreesboro native. I graduated from Riverdale High School and attended MTSU majoring in Fine Arts. I have been employed by Rutherford County for 10 years. I was the Administrative Assistant for Drug Court/DUI Court for the majority of that 10 years. I took an Administrative Support position at the Correctional Work Center in April of 2013. After leaving Drug Court I wanted to stay connected in some way to the program. During the time I worked there I had seen the positive effects the program had on the participants. I believe in the concept of the Drug Court Programs and I believe that it has a positive outcome for the community by helping to create productive citizens, responsible parents and employees. So, when Mary asked me to consider being on the Support Board, it did not take me very long to give her my answer. I am excited to be able to work with the Support Foundation to help the “Recovery Court” grow larger and stronger to provide services for Rutherford County.

Tennessee State flagAndrew J. Hazley, Jr.
District Attorney’s Office
“I am a former local attorney that has a passion to counsel others and improve our community. I am proud to be a Board Member of Drug Court. The Drug Court works tirelessly to help our local residents with substance dependence; which leads to the rebuilding of families and safeguards our community from alcohol and drug-related crimes.”


 Jim Pearson
Retired from State Farm
“The impact the Rutherford County Drug Court and DUI Court upon changing people’s lives and improving the quality of life in the community is incredible. It’s gratifying but humbling, to witness how lives are changed, how families are restored, and seeing relationships prosper due to the untiring efforts of the participants, families, Drug and DUI Courts, supported by the Recovery Foundation and it’s donors / sponsors.”

Forrest Dykes

Forrest Dykes, MA
Intake Coordinator/Marketer, TrustPoint Hospital
“After graduating from MTSU in 2008, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for the Rutherford County Drug/DUI Court as their case monitor. Working alongside Mary Schneider and the rest of the team, I was able to see many men and women who had been plagued by addiction for various numbers of years rediscover themselves and once again find inner peace and purpose in life.  It is an absolute privilege and honor to serve on the Recovery Support Foundation board with such a phenomenal group of men and women working toward a common goal.”


PARKERSON Thomas WEB_0017_pp Thomas E. Parkerson, Attorney at Law
As a former prosecutor and current defense attorney I can say that a majority of charges are a result of some drug related issue. Through the years the Drug Court Program and now the DUI court program has provided essential help to individuals who have the potential to break out of the vicious drug cycle.  Firsthand I have witnessed the Drug Court/DUI Court program turn so many lives around and it is a privilege to be a part of this endeavor.


Mary Schneider, LAPSW
Director, Rutherford County Drug / DUI Court Program
“Working with the Board of Directors is very rewarding for me, my staff and the participants in the program. The members of the Board have been creative in their giving of time, money and talents. Some are in recovery themselves and like to get involved with the participants at their level. Others have made careers of keeping society safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. And others are just good, honest and very loving people who like to help others. It is my pleasure to work with the members of the Board and have them experience the excitement of seeing drug addicts and alcoholics become the productive and positive people God meant for them to be.”